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Love your screenprint - amazing what you can discover with different methods!
And can't wait for The Big Reveal on Friday!


What a lovely birthday gift. The hare is very sweet, a real character, he needs a story.
The lace dress looks lovely in your teaser photo.
Carol xx

greedy for colour

I have missed you Vanessa (in a completely non pressurey way). You always make such magic in you pictures and so wonderful to think you have another way to express yourself. I love the print by the way. Lots of love, Kate xxooxx.


It's so lovely to read your latest post Vanessa and even lovelier to see your beautiful screen print. I have just got back from a magical 2 week trip back to South Africa where one of my fine artist friends was telling me all about scree printing. How I would love to give it a go one day, such a lovely thoughtful gift from Hugo and your family. You sure are one multi-talented lady and your hare has such finesse, such a beautiful print indeed. As for your knitting, well, I think I am speechless if that picture is anything to go by... roll on frida for the big reveal! xox Penelope

harmony and rosie

Mr Hare is adorable, and I love the way he sees someone completely different when he looks at his reflection. It's very interesting to see how the print is built up, along with the colours.
Your lace dress is going to look amazing, I can just tell .. looking forward to Friday.
Kate xx


mmm...I always thought that about screen printing too- exciting indeed.


Love the hare print colours!


Hi Vanessa!!!
Lovely to see you again!
I love your rabbit and the reflection in the water..!!!
See you on Friday, then! xxx Ale


i had to comment before rushing off to read your knitted dress post! i'm so happy to see you here vanessa, and to hear you enjoyed your course so much. the print is gorgeous, just like everything you do and make. is there a story about the bunny in the reflection?
and i can't wait for friday!
hugs, lori

Fleur Cotton

OOh really looking forward to seeing the new knitted dress! Roll on Friday.

Fleur xx

Magic Cochin

Gosh screenprints! I thought it was a lithograph... that's clever! And it looks like those beautiful childrens' book illustrations from the 50s or early 60s. No wonder you're excited about the technique!

Good to know you're busy busy busy! The weeks just keep crashing along don't they?



I'm so happy you are well, your art techniques are flourishing as ever and that you are so very busy.

I love reading about art techniques such as screen printing. I am so ignorant sadly and depend on artistic souls such as yourself for a little guidance.

Warm, smiling wishes of inspiration and joy being sent your way.

Liz in Missouri (with Lucy)

How NICE of everyone to give you such a splendid gift. I'm so Impressed. When I think of screen printing I think of T-shirts and tourist resorts, but your Bunny is really lovely. I love what he sees in his reflection. (Pinnochio? The Veleveteen Rabbit? Does he want to be a "real" person? Who knows what bunnies dream about?)I didn't realize there were so many steps involved in the process. Good on you!!!!!

Like everyone else - I'm so glad to see you back. You did tell us that you were very, very busy and I'm glad for you that your art is reaching wider and wider audiences.
In the meantime - Can't wait to see the lace dress. Happy Spring, Vanessa!!!

Crafted by Carly

I love your hare - it looks like a really challenging (but fun) process. Can't wait to see your dress. I know I'm going to love it (I can tell from the colour)!

Planet Penny

I love the way there is a story in the picture, and you can make of it what you will... what a fantastic birthday present, something which will stay with you, and change your life. Brilliant!
Lovely to have you back! Higgins and I have missed you xxx


Can't believe that is a screen print! Just so detailed. I remember screenprinting in school, always christmas cards. Beautiful.


I'm glad you're back, I was getting a bit worried! I love your screen print, I did a screen printing nightclass years ago, and none of my finished articles looked anything like as good as yours. I did all mine on fabric though. I'm also glad to see you are still knitting.


Gosh, I've missed your blog so much, and it's going to take me a while to catch up with all you've been up to! You're a busy young lady, for sure.

I adore the Hare with his reflection. He sort of looks apprehensive, like me, when I'm staring at the bathroom scale...yikes. I can't wait to see the finished lace dress.

Teresa Kasner

I'm glad to see you say hello.. love your screen print. I took a class in that too.. quite a process! I did a print of Vista House and the Columbia River Gorge. I put a post up of a house tour of my dollhouse.. did you see it? I love miniatures! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

lynne at Textile Treasury

Oh what a fab, thoughtful present for your family to think of giving you! And we can {{{{f...e...e....e......l}}}} what a buzz you have got out of doing the course. So, is work going to take a different turn? How are you going to incorporate your new-found skill? How exciting!

Love your pensive Hare - definitely a story there, waiting to be told!


Is that the red wool you found at a car boot sale that you've used for that dress?

I love the screen print Vanessa, it's adorable. And I'm still getting such a thrill out of seeing my lovely Finn brooch here on your blog ... you are one very talented lady :D


Wow I can't believe that is a screen print!! Its gorgeous and the colour blends so fine!

Looking forward to the dress reveal on Friday, hooray for your knitted dresses xx

Archie the wonder dog

I love your screen print - I could look at Mr Hare all day!

Catriona Wallace

Hello printing buddy!
I spotted your lovely illustrations in a children's book the other day and thought I should look you up. It's great to see that Mr Hare has had such a positive reception on your blog. He has a special place in my heart - so sad for such a jaunty suit.
I hope you're well, it was lovely to meet you at the printmakers weekend and I hope to run into you in the studio again.
P.S. The knitting turned out beautifully too!

oakley sunglasses outlet

She is so adorable and full of life. Great job as always.

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