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Ahh, Vanessa! I've had my eye on that dress for a while now. Timeless, versatile and very, very pretty. (I am so tempted to add: 'just like you' ;-) )

I'm off to look at your friend Helen's blog. Fabulous; more inspiration!


It's a lovely dress and really suits you x

Crafted by Carly

Lovely dress! And a lovely colour - which really suits you!
Hmmmmm..... Belt or no belt? Well, normally I'd say no belt (I'm not usually too keen on dresses with belts). BUT I do really like the shape of this dress WITH the belt too. A tricky dilemma!!! I say swap and change - belt sometimes, no belt sometimes. I LOVE versatile clothes!!! ;-)
I'm definitely going to check out Helen's blog - she sounds like a very talented lady!


The dress colour is lovely and I do like it with the splash of red from the belt. Either way looks lovely. I find belts not so comfy to wear though - especially if I've eaten too much pudding! I do like linen, I used to think it was like cotton but it isn't at all the same. Well done on finding such a pretty and classic dress.

I had a look at the pictures of the doggies, they are gorgeous aren't they? It's great to hear they are going to be stars in their very own book. Much deserved I think.


Linen is lovely to wear- cool in Summer and surprisingly cosy when it is chill and it gets even better with age.
Dogs starring in a book is mega exciting.


Lovely Vanessa :D

I'm a big fan of Kate's clothes, but I'm waiting to fill my wardrobe with them until I have lost a bit of weight.

As for Douglas and Ellie appearing in a book ... Wilbur dachsie is very jealous ;D


Yes, it's a nice dress!! I think it will be fine a linen dress like yours even here in JK : perfect, I think!!
xxx Alessandra

Jo Norman

Oh my ... how I love that dress but I shall have to block this blog post from my mind until the end of the year. You see I've promised not to buy any new clothes in 2012 so however much I'm tempted (which I am) I will have to resist. I LOVE dresses with pockets too!

Magic Cochin

Pockets are an artist's dream thing! I can't work without wearing clothes with pockets :-)

And crumpled linen is the comfiest thing too... I think without a belt if you're sitting at your desk working. Maybe with if you're walking on the beach - it will stop your dress billowing out like a sail ;-)

Take care, happy knitting :-)
In fact I feel a sewing phase coming on...



Love frocks with pockets, cardis with pockets, skirts with pockets... they are such useful things to have, though the dusty mess that seems to accumulate in the bottom of my cardi pockets can be a bore to clean out.... a bit like belly button fluff only worse!
Lovely frock, shame she doesn't cater for the more generously proportioned!

Fleur Cotton

Looking forward to seeing your new knitting project...roll on Friday!

Fleur xx

Maggie Cawthorn

Love the dress, but it's at its best with your lovely tunic over it. Just wanted to say I bought your lovely card set ... thanks so much I won't be able to part with them ... far too lovely.

Sparkle and CO

I really love it, colour is timeless and you can wear it as you want (dress, tunique, high heels etc)


Lovely dress, I like her 'Darcy' design too. I think 'yes' to the belt but nice to have the option depending on how your are feeling that day.
Lovely doggy drawings, how exciting!
Carol xx

Caffeine Girl

What a great, versatile dress. But I have to say that I really love the knitted one.

It would be wonderful to have a person link to a book!

Planet Penny

Your dress is fab, and I love the colour, it really suits you. I've just been cooing over the sketches of Douglas and Ellie, Helen has really captured their personalities in just few lines , they are so cute. Tim keeps talking about a second dachshund as a friend for Higgins and he'd love a wire haired one. I'm still not convinced I could possibly cope with another small opinionated doggy in the house, bossing me around!
Have a lovely weekend xxx


love the say i like it better with the belt and even better with the red lace dress over it!!!! its just perfect in every way...

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What a great, versatile dress. But I have to say that I really love the knitted one.

Jan Howe

you look lovely....I love the knitted one.

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Det är verkligen en stor och hjälpsam upplysning. Jag är glad att ni delade denna nyttig information med oss. Vänligen informera oss så här. Tack för att dela.

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