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I do love Evangeline. Thank you for showing her.

Liz in Missouri (with Lucy)

Evangeline always makes me smile! Her dear little face and happy disposition bring sunshine into the room. Good for her for taking her quiet moment to renew. We ALL need that sometimes, don't we? And there you are - sending off more sculptures to more galleries. Happy Vanessa! Such a satisfaction to know that your art is traveling further and further afield and more and more people are being touched by your special charm.


Oh! How lovely - still in love with my Evangeline (Number 1) I feel very lucky to have her on my mantlepiece - still makes me smile.


Evangeline may be into daily escapism she is also very keen on detail; perhaps the two go hand in hand? I often think that embroidery, for example, is the best way to calm one's thoughts down. Evangeline loves detail because you have created her thus. Apart from the grace and joy in her movements it is the attention to detail which wins me over every. single. time. in your work, Vanessa.

You just keep going from strength to strength. It's wonderful to behold.


Gorgeous, Vanessa. I love the tea towels in particular! Best of luck with your new work, though I've rather liked these fun creatures and was sort of hoping you'd end up writing and illustrating Evangeline books (or better still, cat ones!) Looking forward to seeing what comes next...
Hen x


I do love Evangeline - and I'm with Hen for her having her own books! I love the glimpses into her life that your sculptures provide.
Looking forward to seeing your new sculptures when you can give us a peek!


I am waiting for Evangelines story book!


Evangeline is so beautiful! You are incredibly talented!

Crafted by Carly

I adore all your Evangalines!!! And all your sweet little creatures!!! I always look forward to these posts..... :-)

Linda Ruthie

Evangeline is just so fun! She makes me smile.

Faith really are far too clever!

So excited for you that you have new plans afoot...


Dearest Vanessa
How happy you have made me showing your beautiful Evangeline's to us. Congrats on being commissioned, your work is a true wonder to behold and I always look forward to seeing what you create.All the very best with your new line of work, I'm sure it will be something to marvel at! xox Penelope


She is just the sweetest. Thank you for showing her; she makes me smile :)

Liefs, Audrey

Trudy McLauchlan

Evangeline is a most adorable mouse!! She seems to get the work/play balance just spot on ... we could all learn something from Miss E.


Evangeline, the beautiful and thoughtful little mouse...I like her a lot!!
hope to see very soon your new sculptures!!
Enjoy your work, xxx Alessandra

Lois Morgan

I always look at your sculptures in awe, they look so simple, but the absolute neatness of the detail and motion blows me away. [hows that for a critique?? lol] We should all find such balance in our lives. Anyway, good luck with new challenges, L.


How lovely your Evangeline's are - and ain't papier-mache great! x

Magic Cochin

I hope (and I'm sure you have them) that you've photographed all the Evangelines from every angle - she's become quite a character inhabiting her own small but complex world.

I'm really looking forward to seeing your new work. It must be an exciting feeling to find a medium that leads to something bigger, a step into a different room of the art world.


Sue Vaughan

Absolutely gorgeous! Sue x


Oh Wow Vanessa. I am so COMPLETELY in awe of your every area. You blow me away quite frankly! Okay i'll sign off now as that sounded a little stalkery!!!!!! ha ha!

Have a beautiful day!

Vanessa x


Evangeline is lovely & it's fun to see more of her.

I'm so glad to hear about the secret work and I'm looking forward to the reveals.


She is so adorable and full of life. Great job as always.


I adore her Vanessa, in her every incarnation :D

There will be another whippet commission headed your way soon, I hope you'll have time!

Lynne Gill

Congratulations and good luck with the Very Secret Commission, and the change in direction. It's good to develop.

Mind you I'm with others illustrated Evangeline book, now THERE'S an idea!


Such great characters...if your Evangelines would leave their platform to dance or get another cup of tea, I shouldn't wonder. They are wonderful artworks!


Loving all your sculptures. They always make me smile. x

The Muse of The Day

I think the reason Evangeline is so loved is that we all see a piece of ourselves in her. I am sure we will also connect with your new pieces because we, too, tackle serious subjects in our daily lives. Evangeline is every one of us, she should be a good fit to represent us wether she is doing the tea towel dance or not.
Good luck with getting the new sculptures completed. I will be checking your blog for photos of them.


Just perfect! So brilliant


i think evangeline is the very best sort of friend. she is the most enchanting little mouse i have ever met. apart that is from my own dear little bless (bless this mouse), who lived to be a very old age for a mouse and sometimes slept on the pillow next to mine at night - she was very special too.
Evangeline is a wonderful inspiration on how to life life in a jubilant light. i must remember to follow her example more.

hugs and smiles :) xx

Archie the wonder dog

I love Evangeline! I'm intrigued by the snippets of information about your new work, I'll wait patiently until we're allowed a sneak peek!!




I love Evangaline's tea towel dance, she looks like she's morris dancing!

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I do love Evangeline - and I'm with Hen for her having her own books! I love the glimpses into her life that your sculptures provide.
Looking forward to seeing your new sculptures when you can give us a peek!


I'm trying to become more Evangeline-like as I gallop towards retirement . She looks as though she knows how to enjoy every moment !

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Man Jag älskar din artikel och det var så bra och jag ska spara det. En sak att säga fördjupad analys som du har gjort är mycket remarkable.No man går det där lilla extra i dessa dagar? Bra gjort. Bara en förslag som du canget ett Översättare Ansökan för din globala publik.


Evangeline's little dream world, her escapism is a beautiful concept! Never seen anything quite like it!

Natasha Bi

Very very very CUTE

Daisy Jones

I have just found your blog.....How DIVINE...definitely needed capitals for that!
Evangeline is adorable, you are very clever and gifted...
Bestest happy wishes to you

Daisy J x


wow!very cute !what a wonderful pic.

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