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  • Would you like to award someone special a knitted rosette? See the pattern to knit one here!

  • Little Squares Scarf, (quick pattern).

  • Little Squares Scarf, (step-by-step pattern, with lots of step-by-step photos).

  • How to sew up crochet or knitting with an invisible stitch, step-by-step tutorial

  • Sisterhood Crochet Blanket pattern for square.

  • step-by-step pattern for Sisterhood Crochet Blanket square. Makes crocheting this pattern a doddle for beginners!

  • step-by-step tutorial for some basic crochet stitches

  • Tara's failsafe cup cake sponge recipe

  • knitted slipper pattern

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harmony and rosie

It's a beautiful pattern, I'm not at all surprised that there are so many versions out there and yours will be wonderful in that pretty colour you've chosen.
I'm getting excited about a jumper I started an embarrassingly long time ago. I only need to complete the neckband and my mission is to get it finished over the weekend (once I've watched a youtube vid or two to help me on my way!).
Have a wonderful BH weekend.
Kate xox

Fleur Cotton

Love that shade of blue, Vanessa, beautiful.

Yes I agree Ravelry is a great resource but I'm not great at using it I never seem to have the time to update it ... I always have great intentions but life just seems too busy!

Hope you have a great weekend, I've just finished a knitted and embroidered bag which i'm giving away this weekend, so if you fancy a peek pop over to my blog if you have the time.

Fleur xx


Love the pattern and the colour that you have chosen. I also love your red dress - I tried to post a comment but couldn't at the time. I wanted to say that I think that the red version on you is far superior to the grey version on the model! Bx xxx


That is a good pattern- it is great to see all the versions of patterns other people make- all shapes, all yarns.Love ravelry.


I love the colour you've chosen and the pattern. It's one I've already bookmarked on Ravelry (it's such a great resource, isn't it?), but I'm not a terribly experienced knitter - and I'm also very slow at knitting - and I was already wondering if those saddle shoulders might just be too hard right now! Perhaps in a few years, with a few more patterns behind me... I can't wait to see your version though. And I LOVED the orangey-red lace dress. I think it looks particularly beautiful over the linen shift dress; that way you can really see the pattern in the lace. Thanks for sharing your fabulous knitting and beautiful beautiful artwork Vanessa. I love reading your blog. fiona x


That is definitely a 'you' cardi.... it does look easy but I know how the simplist things can be difficult, I also love your lacy dress, you are so couragious!!
Take care

Crafted by Carly

It's going to be gorgeous! And you've picked out a delicious colour, as always! :-)
Happy weekend!


Hi Vanessa, I too have just started a 'rehearsal' cardigan from Ravelry! I find it amazing how differently the same pattern comes out depending on who knits it and what size and body shape it's for! If only I could pick out a picture from the selection and have my finished piece looking exactly like that!
Can I add you as a friend on there? I don't know how to do this as I'm quite new to it, my username is Jessielilac :)
Jess xx

Magic Cochin

Ha Ha!!! this is the 2nd blog is as many days I've read about the ‘contigious method' and the 'saddle shoulder'. (Here's the other one )

And what's more I'm also knitting a 'contigious' sweater... they seam (sic) to be all the rage!

Celia x

Pretty Nelli

I love Raverly too. When my friends go to Faccebook, I go to Raverly!


It's a lovely cardie. It looks straightforwardish but in some of the photos I think you can see that maybe some of the shaping is a bit involved? It's a really good classic cardigan and I think it will be worn a lot. A lovely colour too. Sometimes things can be a bit deceptive. I expect it is all the nice little extras and special touches that make it trickier than you had imagined. It's nice that the designer is approachable though.


Great cardi. I love the colour you chose! I am a great fan of ravelry, too, I just don't know when I will knit all the patterns from my queue :-)


That is gorgeous yarn! Looking forward to the big ta-dah!

I have to ask, did you take the photo there because that's where the light was good, or do you always knit sitting on the stairs?


Beautiful yarn choice! It will be a lovely sweater!

I'm a huge raveler, myself. My home away from home. :)


That cardigan looks lovely and so you, will be worth the struggle in the long run :-)

Maggie Cawthorn

Thanks for reminding me about Ravelry .... I've been on for the last hour plus and picked 2 patterns to knit. It's the warts and all version of patterns and great to see how they look on real women rather than size 8 models who look good in anything.

Paula Rusling

Hi Vanessa
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All the best and thank you for bringing such joy with your lovely blog.

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Hi Vanessa
I have nominated you for a couple of blog awards. Please check out the details at my blog at
All the best and thank you for bringing such joy with your lovely blog.

converse classic

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