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I prayed for you when I read this.



I'll be keeping you in my thoughts & hope you can check in when you feel able too.


Take care Vanessa - whatever it is I hope things will ease soon, love to you xx


Your blog is a joy in my hectic life but take care of yourself and return to bogging when it's right for you. take strength from all these lovely comments.


Take care, sweet Vanessa.


So sorry to hear of your difficulties. I so appreciate your blog and your faithfulness to it! You are a constant inspiration. I will keep you in my prayers.

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I just clicked over from another site and figured I should take a look around. Like what I see so now I'm following you. Look forward to checking out your some of your posts again.


Dear Vanessa,
I hope your challenges are soon past. Sending you warm wishes from Nova Scotia. (All the Littles are enjoying their copies of "No Place Like Home") All the best..


Take care Vanessa, wishing you all the best. xx Caren


May God bless you and keep you safe and free from harm, soothe any fears and upright your world in the awesomest way possible!


Hope things return to normal for you soon. We will be waiting to hear from you and sending you HUGS till then X

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Love your blog and will be patiently waiting for you to return.......

Val Reaves

Oh, dear Vanessa, can see by the volume and sincerity of comments, that you are much cared for. Please take the necessary time for yourself and know that we are all sending blessings and good will to you....and we will all be here when you are more settled.
Val in Kansas, US

Val Reaves

Oh, dear Vanessa...Please know from the sincerity and quantity of comments, how much you have endeared yourself to each of us. Take the time you need to sort out whatever it is, and know that we will all be here whenever you are ready...sending you hugs, blessings and good will always!
Val in Kansas, USA


Oh Vanessa!!! I very much hope that you are okay and surviving this crazy life. My best advice always is to go outside, sit on the grass, look up at the sky and just breathe... no matter the situation it always seems to help.

Big big hugs to you beautiful girl, I hope all works out okay.



Do like Evangeline and meditate.


Just popping by to wish you well and hope life soon gets better for you.
Carol xx


dear one, your cardigan looks scrumptious, evangeline is brilliant and sending hugs and a shoulder if you ever need an extra one. xxxx lori


I`m thinking of you Vanessa and please take care. I know what it`s like when things happen that disrupts your usual routine.
Lots of love Carole from Rossendale xxx


Hi Vanessa, just wanted to say that I find you and your blog hugely inspirational and will miss you. However, real life is what is important, and I fervently hope that whatever the situation is that you need to concentrate on just now is resolved in a happy and peaceful way for you, and I look forward to seeing you here again when you feel ready. Take care and my thoughts are with you.



I am so sorry you are struggling, I hope things ease for your very soon. I love this colourful, beauty filled space of yours and we readers will all be waiting and wishing you well.


i don't think i can say anything that hasn't already been said by all here, but i hope and wish and pray with all my heart that better days will come.
there is proof here as to how loved you are. loved not only because you are a most wonderful, inspiring artist exraordinaire, but also because you are such a dear, sweet, genuine, lovely soul.

keep knitting and let all this love wrap around you in a huge warm hug xxx


Oh dear, hope things improve for you very soon and your world returns to its colourful happy self. Sending good thoughts, be kind to yourself.


Hoping things are well with you. Hugs


Just dropping by to hope things are easing for you. ((()))


Thinking of you and sending you 'sunshine at the end of the tunnel thoughts'. I have followed your blog for several years now and pop in every little while. I felt saddened to hear you are travelling through a difficult period of your life. Ros


Dear Vanessa,

sending you love and warm wishes from the Netherlands, hoping things turn out for the best soon! Take care, a big kiss, Maryvonne


Please don't be offended but I haven't read your blog for quite some time and yet I hit the button tonight and read your post. Feel compelled then to say I hope things come right for you. Read a quote today that I like that may be appropriate. Life is not about avoiding the storms but learning to dance in the rain.


Hope that things improve soon . Best wishes !


No need to apologize; life can take unexpected turns. Take care of what's important, remember to take care of yourself, and know we are all praying for you and hoping things get better. Looking forward to your posts when you're up to it.

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Very nice, thanks for sharing.


What can I say - huge hugs are being sent up the north east coast xxxx


Hello Vanessa. I am just catching up in Blogland as I haven't visited for some weeks. How sad I am that all is not well. I love your posts and your blogs - and your gorgeous creations. I do hope that everything works out happily for you. Lots of love. x


Bobbing by to say that I miss your sweet and colourful presence in Blogland. I'm sending much love and hope that there is a silver lining out there for you. ♥


Thinking of you lovely. Take care xx


Just rushing in to give you a wave and to say "take care of yourself".
Carol xx

cath w

I am not one for prayers and all that, more a practical, positive type. Hoping you are okay and happy and that your troubles are passing.

Jeanie Brown

Just to say ..missing your lovely can go but be back soon..please rememeber that lots of people are thinking of you ♥


I was reminded of a quote from a film today. It made me think of you. So I've popped over to tell you it.

"Everything will be alright in the end. If it is not yet alright, it is not yet the end".......(possibly not word perfect but you get the gist)

During the hard times it may help to say that to yourself or to whoever it is who suffers.


caroline @trend-daily

Hi Vanessa! Wow-what an incredible number of very lovely and thoughtful comments for you... I just wanted to pop in and say hi-I'm friends with Fiona down in Little Kingshill! She showed me your stunning doggy sculpture for her Birthday. You are SO INCREDIBLY talented. Your works is beyond beautiful-really-I am going to save up for a piece one day. Could I feature you on my very new and very little blog? Drop me a mail if you get time All the best Caroline :-)


I read this post when I was in England, and thought of you many times....
I do hope 'things' get better soon, I hope your life isn't too horrid for long, you really don't deserve it...
I just wanted to say, while I was caring for my granddaughter in the UK, I happened to pick up a story book and knew I recognised the artist's name, yes, it was you!!! My daughter was in awe when I showed her your blog and all the lovely things you've made.
Take care
(Crete, Greec)


My granddaughter is one year old tomorrow and I was just thinking of your 'Bunny Girl' on her nursery wall so thought I'd pop in to say hello.
Thinking of you and hoping there is some improvement in 'things at the moment'.


Keep it coming! Slower or fast! doesn't matter if you're here a little or a lot! be good to yourself! Nuture, Rest your body. Exercise just a little if you can, outside walking can help clear our minds and give us problem solving ideas. Love and Prayers for you…..betty


Vanessa, thinking about you and hope things are starting to get better.

Jeanie Brown

Just wanted to send a reminder that my thoughts are with you. I miss your posts ♥ Sending you so many wishes to help you manage at this difficult time ♥


I miss your posts and all your gorgeous work! Hope you´re doing fine!


Dear Vanessa
I miss your sweet voice and vibrant character more than I can say. I am sending you a big hug and lots of colourful, positive vibes. Hoping you've not abandoned this precious blog, come back soon?


Vanessa, still thinking of you. And you don't have to pretend to be jolly, if you don't feel like it, just for us.


Just wanted to let you know that you are not forgotten about and are certainly missed and in my thoughts. Hope things are going ok for you, and are the way you need them to be and that all is well. I really do hope you come back, (but only do so when you are ready).

All my very best wishes to you for the happiness you deserve.
Lots of love


come back, we miss you.


Hi Vanessa, I am not sure if you will get this, but you have been on my mind lately and I just wanted to say that I (and I am sure many others) very much miss your lovely presence in blogland. I hope that whatever it is you are going through is now finding a happier resolution for you. I have so much admiration for you, and wish you much happiness now and always. Take care, and I am sure you are in many people's thoughts


Vanessa I keep popping in to see if you're back!
Thinking of you and hoping you're OK


You are REALLY missed in Blogland vanessa, I sure hope you might consider returning to us all one day very soon.
Much love and super-good thoughts to you


Hi Vanessa. I check in regularly to see if you're back, really miss your beautiful blog. Thinking of you and hoping you're ok and well.Love Sharon x


Hi Vanessa,

Just was thinking about you today and hoping that you're okay and that life has become a little easier for you since you last posted.

Take care

Vanessa x


Stay strong. I know you can overcome anything that life trough's at you.


Hi Vanessa,
We don't know each other but i have read your blog regularly over the past few years. I miss your friendly, whimsical chatter and seeing all the lovely/amazing things you create. I hope you will return to Blogland one day. Smiles from Australia


Hoping things are okay and as we have all said, we will be here when you return.


Hi Vanessa,
I'm not sure whether you're still checking your blog comments or not but I just wanted to send you some more love and say that I hope things are looking up for you.
Much love xxx

Claire Bear

Missing your blog, Vanessa. I always looked forward to reading and catching up. Your fair isle dress was astounding. As a fellow knitting enthusiast and a young book illustrator just starting out, I wanted you to know that you have inspired me. Love and Best Wishes xx

Vintage Town

Hi Vanessa, hope life is getting better now. I've missed your lovely blog very much. xx


Hi Vanessa, miss you and still trying to send good vibes to you in hope to make such a little dent in whatever it is that has you down. I would like to bring you some of the sweetness & art you that you have brought use\ over the years, - like your books, like the little ones are enjoying so much.
All the best, Kathleen


Hi Vanessa, miss your lovely posts, hope you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Wishing you all the best, Sam


Hello Vanessa, just wanted to stop in and say I hope you are doing okay. I miss reading your blog of course but hope your time "away" is going alright.


How are you Vanessa??
Love, xxx Alessandra


Hello Vanessa, you are still in my thoughts, hope you are smiling even though the weather has turned very much autumnal x


Sigh. Do you think you will ever return? I miss you so!
Sending love and a warm friendly hug

Val Reaves

I will miss you... I pray you are at peace... And comfort to your family and friends...

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