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Patricia Brambley

Hi Vanessa, so glad to see you back, I have checked regularly, as your blog was one of my favourites. I do know that the past year must have been a terrible strain, as at the moment we are supporting our daughter, through her divorce, sadly not as good friends as you and Hugo. Its hard, and I hope she starts her blog again like you, when the time is right. My best wishes are with you, that everything turns out fine.
Patricia Brambley.

mlle paradis

so glad to see you back. so sorry to hear your news. life has happened to you. the new work is beautiful. the cliche is that we women (people!) can "have it all". the reality is ..... maybe not so easily! i know you will find your footing and your way forward. all very best to you both. (we) look forward to what the future brings (you) and what you can share again with us. xoxo


So pleased you're back, as I'm sure many other readers will be.


Glad you're finding your creative outlet here :)


Somehow I thought that's what happened. I am very sad to hear these news.
BUT on the bright side - you are back! And that's great! I didn't dare to write to you to inquire about your abscence, but I was popping in to see if you're back.

Alice C

Life can take unexpected twists and turns - I am so very sorry that it has been such a difficult year for you.

I look forward to seeing your new work - it seems to me that you have already set off in interesting new directions.


Sorry to read your news, Vanessa. It's always sad to hear when a marriage breaks down.
I'm glad to see that you're still finding joy in being creative.
Big hugs
Jill x

Puppet Lady

Lovely to see you back. Your row of hares is just great! I'm looking forward to seeing some of your knitting again.

Val Reaves

Oh Vanessa...I'm so, so glad to see your post... I'm so sorry to hear your news... I'm glad you took time for yourself, for we all need that... Thank you for sharing what you've been doing, and I'm glad there are good things on the horizon... You've been in my thoughts and prayers these past months, and I am so glad to see you back, no matter how often you choose to post...
Most Sincerely,
Val in Kansas USA


So glad you are back, you have been very much missed.


Oh Vanessa, how lovely to hear from you but what sad news. This last year must have been so very difficult for you, I'm sorry.

Your hares are amazing, quite startling. I can't wait to see more of the 'new you'.

Heather x

Christine Warren

Welcome back! Missed you!


Dear Vanessa, you sure have been missed here in blogland....
I am so sorry to hear that you had such a difficult year... Hopefully it will bring something good to you after all. I'm very curious how your work looks now! Those hares are very sweet... they look so fragile in a way... So good you are back!
Lots of love from Mirjam.


good to see you back, take care x


Big happy smile from yours truly! Lovely Vanessa!



BIG hug.X


Vanessa, I have thought of you often and hoped things were going better. I sensed this might be the issue and I am sorry for your loss. Glad that you and Hugo are friends and that yo are staying so positive. Your sculptures are amazing, you have definitely changed and grown as an artist.
Welcome back,


pleased to see you back this surreal and fab world of blogging sometimes the line gets blurred about private and public stuff and we can make a judgement about what to share. i really look forward to seeing your new work (love the sleeping heads) and your posts, however infrequent. Bad stuff often happens in life but it seems you are dealing with yours in the very best way possible x


Your resilience is inspiring, as is your creativity and I am overjoyed that you are back to share it with us, even infrequently.

harmony and rosie

Hooray, you are back dear Vanessa and it seems only fitting that your change of life brings a change in creativity. I'm so sorry that this last year has been so sad but on the plus side, things sound as good as they could be with Hugo which is important.
My life, too, has had a bit of a turn around since we last emailed .. will fill you in when I get a chance!
Take care, love Kate xox


Lovely to see you back in time for the Spring Equinox with your beautiful Hares! glad to hear you and the doggies are in good health too xx

kate from greedy for colour

Vanessa - I have thought of you so much over the last year and I am so sorry to hear that it has been such a tough one. Thank goodness you have your creativity because it is always a spark in the darkest of times. Your rabbits are truly amazing and I can't wait to see more of your new direction. Love Kate xxooxx.

Pipany philp

I'm so pleased to see you back Vanessa. I have checked in every now & then, & kind of assumed this was maybe what had happened. I am so sorry but hang on in there lovely; it does get better. Well done on all the positive news about your work. Can't wait to see more, but be kind to you too xx

French Knots

Have thought of you each time I read one of your books to my children or visit Amanda Bloom and see your lovely sculpture. I hope your knitting and creativity have brought you comfort over the last year, through difficult times.
Your hares are breathtaking, hope you wonderful work continues to shine. x


I've missed you and have thought of you often during your absence. I was glad to see your blog pop up in my reader today! But so, so sad to hear the news of your divorce. I'm very sorry. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the weeks and months ahead. Welcome back.


So pleased you are back, so sorry to hear your news. Keep strong, I know you will.

Lois Morgan

I too have popped back every few months,and am so happy you chose to come back to share what you have with us. Blogging is strange, with people coming and going, and sometimes we never know what has happened, why someone has gone. Thank you for your kindness in posting. I am sorry your marriage has come to an end, and hope that these months have allowed you time to heal. It is interesting how change affects our colours and art. Be well, Lois.

Nina - Tabiboo

Dearest Vanessa I'm so sorry to hear your sadness, but so glad things are on a positive - these things can be absolutely draining.

take care and big hugs,

much love,

Nina x

Helen Philipps

It is lovely to see you back again, Vanessa. So sorry to hear the reason for your absence over the past few months. Your new work looks very special......and I am not surprised that it has changed...creative work is so much a part of us that whatever affects us also affects it. Sending you warm wishes and a big hug.
Helen x


I'm so pleased to see this. I'm really sorry about the divorce. I remember that feeling as I went through it myself a few years ago, and there's a point where you're like..."should I tell people? Should I blog about it? Do I have the energy to blog about it? What if people ask questions I can't or don't want to answer AHHHHHHH."

I always think of art as a reflection of the artist, and what the artist is feeling. So I think it's natural that your work should have toned down some while you are going through this. And I think it's wonderful that you are still doing art. Art is as much for the bad times as the good.

Glad to see that you are still alive and kicking, and from the other side, I promise, with all of my heart, it gets better.


hellooo lovely vanessa, lovely to see a post of your pop up, glad your ok...i love your new art pieces...big hugs to you x


Hi Vanessa, So sorry to hear about the upheaval of the past year. I have been thinking of your blog recently as my daughter has been asking for a book that you illustrated. Look forward to seeing more of your lovely blog and work.


It's very good to see you here again. I;m so sorry things have been tough for you but hope the future is much brighter.


Hello Vanessa!
So, so glad you are back and have ridden the storm. Although merely a fellow blogger, who very much enjoyed visiting you, I have thought about you and popped across to see if you had been around. I had read into a couple of you last posts that things were not well. So sorry. Your new work is beautiful!!!!! I am very much looking forward to following your new artistic, doggy and woolly exploits. With 'bloggy' love, Ros

Carole Williamson

Hi Vanessa,
It is so nice to have you back.
I'm so sorry to hear your news. But I am glad it is not your health in jepody.
I have missed your blogs.
Take care
Love Carole from Rossendale xx


Dear Vanessa,

Welcome back to blogland! You were always one of my very favourite bloggers and I kept you in my reader just in case you did come back. I lived in hope that you would!
I had my suspicions about what may have happened and I'm very sorry that your marriage to Hugo has ended. It's very sad. I'm glad that you are able to remain friends and that you can be grateful for everything that you do have.
I hope you do continue to blog, please don't put pressure on yourself to do a blogging schedule, just blog when you want to and what you want to blog.
Lots of love, Heather xxx


sorry to hear about your news Vanessa, but lovely to see your new work. the hares are wonderful, so the colours in them are very different to your previous works, much like you said about your knitting.


Oh gosh Vanessa,,didn't see that one coming. Dear these things change us and then we look back and see that the change was good. I hope that you're ok and not hurting too much.Your hares are mysterious and fascinating...distant cousins of my beloved Audrey. We send our love, Amanda xxx


I missed you a lot, so glad to have you back. Sorry to hear about you & Hugo. I admire your determination to remain friends. Hope to hear from you again soon. Take care!

Mrs A

I am so pleased to see you back again and we will be happy to see,you when ever,you feel like a bit of posting. Just be gentle with yourself and climb little rises rather than big mountains with your blogging! It has been very sad for you and Hugo but good that you at least can be friends. Life isn't always kind to us but these are the times we grow and learn. Sometimes I do think as my eldest grandson said when he had just begun school, 'Im sick of learning!' But we never stop. Take car and love from Aubrey


Hello Vanessa,
So lovely to see you back, you were missed!
So sorry to hear your sad news but it sounds like you are very positive about things.
Really looking forward to seeing your new work!
Rachel xx


Bem vinda de volta e fico curiosa pelos novos trabalhos

um beijo


I send you a lot of thoughts - and I adore your hares!

All the best wishes


Oh Vanessa, it's so nice to hear from you, I've wanted to contact you so many times but to be honest I've flu d myself in the same place my marriage after 13 years and two children is null and void and I've been lucky enoUgh to find a lovely man he has a 15 yr old daughter so baggage and problems hold us back signifinantly and I didn't want to burden you with my probs, we are still both in same house too and that is sometimes a comfort but mostly a challenge, well if you need me I'm here, I hope you're starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel? I just feel lost and so alone, wish I could know things would be ok, take care dearest Vanessa xxxxxxxxx fliss (joshy and belle xxx)


Hi Vanessa,
I just found out about your blog today, and even though I've only just come to 'know' you, I feel so sorry for you! Although I wish I could give you some good advice, I have absolutely no experience with marriages or divorces. I do hope that you'll find the strength to carry on as wonderful as you did before. I wish you all the best. Love from the Netherlands!


Lovely to have you back Vanessa. Sorry things haven't been good for you, here's to a happier future.


Sorry to hear about the divorce but good to know that you will remain as friends.

Nice to see you blogging again and I look forward to hearing about the new direction that your work has taken.

Good luck my dear.


Lovely to see you back and love your sleeping hare head ☺


So glad to see you here, but sorry to hear your sad news. It sounds like it has been a really rubbish time for you both, but you've obviously got good perspective on it all.

You are blessed to be able to create things, your knitting, your painting, your the things you love.x


I'm sooooo pleased you're back Vanessa, you've made my day! So sorry to hear your sad news but think you're both really marvellous to be able still to be friends. I've missed your fabulous blog a lot and am looking forward to marvelling in your creativity once more, how fab. Yippee!


I have enjoyed your lovely, colorful, creative blog. Keep all the color and joy of your craft in your head and heart. Be kind to yourself and put yourself first. It's a good thing to remember every day.


Dear Vanessa!!!!!
so so lovely to have you here again!!! i Honestly missed you a lot!
hope to see you more often now and I'm really curious to have a look to all your new works!!!
love, xxxx Ale


I am sorry to hear about your divorce but things get better. It is so good to have you back. I love your work! I wish you the best. Gaia.


so good to see you again in cyberland...all the very best to you Vanessa x

Jak Winter

So glad to see you back Vanessa, but oh so sorry to hear of your sad news. Love the new work and am looking forward to seeing more. It really is no surprise how our creativity is so affected by our circumstances, surroundings, mood and you have obviously risen to the challenge of these difficult times. Sending warm and positive thoughts, Jak x


My goodness it truly is wonderful to have you back Vanessa. I have thought of you often and I am so sorry that life has taken its twists and turns for you, but as you say there is a lot of positivity and I am loving your new art work. I'm so pleased that you have your creativity as an outlet and a way to express your emotions. You are much loved in the blogging world and I look forward to sharing some of your new adventures. Big hugs and love, Penny xox

Jane in London

I'm sorry to hear your news, and I'm very glad you're back: and I love the new direction your art is taking. It's probably just as well that your urban fox picture is sold, as it's so terribly tempting, and reminds me of the clever fox in my street (he comes to raid the bins on bin night!)

Jane in London

p.s. I shall save up my £2 coins and see where it gets me, so that I can have one: it's just that I can't manage it *now this minute*!


I just popped by today on the "off chance" and here you are again. I'm so sorry you've been having a dreadful time but I'm also a tiny bit relieved as I was very concerned that you might be horribly ill and, although divorce is ghastly, I'm so pleased to hear that you are well and still producing your wonderful work.

Welcome back! We missed you!

Heather L.

How wonderful to find a post from you! Except that we are all sad that your life has been so difficult of late. I am so sorry. I am quite sure that difficult times often result in beautiful creativity so I hope that your work has been a comfort to you in the midst of painful circumstances. We will look forward to hearing from you when you post and certainly pray that life for you might be more gentle in the coming year.


I'm so sorry to hear about the dissolution of your marriage. These sorts of things are always difficult but it will be better to have it settled then hanging over your head. I have a friend who got divorced last year but spends most of her time in petty arguments with her ex. They have not even tried to remain friendly, despite having children to raise.

Very glad to see you blogging again and to see your creations over the past year. I'm looking forward to see the direction your art takes you and wishing you a better year!


Hello Vanessa,
How glad I am to see a post from you! Like many of your regular readers, I was sorry that your posts stopped last year and was concerned for you. I'm so sorry to hear about your marriage,but I hope that you can feel the love and support from all of these lovely comments above. We really have missed you.
I think that your new work is fantastic, I particularly love the fox!
Lots of love Katie x


I am so happy to see that you are back in blogland. I'm sorry about the trials you're enduring and glad to see that you are handling the changes so well. Thank you for letting us know how you are. I've very much missed your writing and seeing your work! I'm sending good energy your way.


Lovely to hear from you again Vanessa, although I'm sorry to hear your news.

I'm glad that your art is going well, I like the hares


Oh gosh. I am, on one hand, so happy that you are ok and have posted, but in the other, so sad that you have had a tough year.
I have so missed you and your blog.
Onwards and upwards.
Keep smiling.

Kate x

Bobbie Stubbs

Missed your lovely blog so much but very pleased, as all other comments have said, that you are ok. Being civilised and staying friends and remaining positive has got to be the best way forward but I'm sure it is sometimes 'easier said than done'. I hope Douglas and Ellie are ok too!! Your hares are intriguing and beautiful and I look forward to reading about your new art work, presumably new home and garden and of course, new knitting!! Welcome back from me and everyone else that loves you and your blog. Bobbie xx


It's lovely to have you back Vanessa but so sorry to hear you've had such a horrible year; divorce is so horrendous even if you can manage the miracle of remaining friends; I must admit it's a bit of a relief as I thought you might be horribly ill.
Your hares are lovely and I'm glad you've had a positive year artistically - your show sounded a real success. I hope this year goes from strength to strength for you. We'll all be thinking of you and thrilled to read you whenever you post.

Eleanor from Stitches and Seeds

Welcome back my love. It's good to see you.

E xx


Gosh has it really been a year. So glad to hear from you and that you are well and staying positive. Your new work is as amazing as what you have done in the past. Take care. Bx xxx


you have been missed



What a lovely surprise it was to find you back blogging again. Like many others, I had suspected the reason you were taking a break and I'm so sorry to hear about it but it's wonderful that you and Hugo can remain friends through this ordeal. I'm looking forward to seeing what your future creativity brings. Best wishes, Shelagh.


Welcome back Vanessa, We missed you!!

Crafted by Carly

Welcome back, my dear Vanessa!!!
I'm so sorry to read about what's being going on in your life while you've been away, but I'm pleased that you're obviously trying to look at the positives.
Sending hugs,


Just happened to check in today and it's wonderful to see your back!! Sorry about your difficult year. Will be waiting to see what you have been up to with your knitting. Thanks for coming back.


Just thought i'd check in today to see if there was any word from you, and there was! So sorry to hear you have had such a sad year and sorry to hear about the end of your marriage. Glad that you took the time you needed to deal with things in the 'real world'. It is so good you have remained friends. I think your art has gone to another level altogether. I think that often happens- that when we go through pain and suffering we produce our best work. Hoping that this is a better year for you and for Hugo. xx

Kaunis Nelli

I've been checking your blog to see if you're back. Welcome!

I kinda know how you feel...Hang on there, positive attitude will move the mountains!


Good to have you back! You were missed.

June Purkiss

Glad to see you back but so sorry to hear of the reason for your absence.


So sorry about your struggles but so happy that you posted again. I have really missed you and your blog. There are many of us rooting for you!

Bertie Meadows

Vanessa so sorry to hear of your personal circumstances of the past year. I have often wondered how you are. So glad to see you back, you have been dearly missed.

Bertie x


I have thought about you often and checked back from time to time, and so wish that what I feared was not the case. But I am also very heartened to hear that you feel able to be here again sometimes and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


So glad you are ok, welcome back!

Claire Bear

I'm so glad you're back. I had a difficult year in 2011 with a broken relationship of my own, and I wanted you to know that your cheery optimism, individuality and eye for colour on your blog got me through many of the days when I couldn't find any.

Thank you, Vanessa. Love, from Ireland and Hong Kong xxx


So glad to hear that you are back, hope life will be happier for you.
Emma x

Bev Hodgkinson

So glad you're back. Have missed your lovely blog and your new work looks just lovely xx


Oh Vanessa it is soooooo good to see you back! I am so sorry to hear about you and Hugo though, big hugs x

Katrina Covill

Dearest girl, thank you for being so very brave and coming back. So many people love and admire you and I am one of them! I am so sad for the sadness and pain you have endured. I hope you can go gently now. I wish for you real healing, peace and kindness. Hug those darling doggies xx


Cyber hugs - good to hear from you but sad about your news. Wishing you all you need at the moment. x


It's so good to hear from you Vanessa and that you are in good health and still creating, despite the sad news about you and Hugo. You have been in my thoughts many times over the past year. And still are. Welcome back.


welcome back and good luck with your new ventures :)


Wonderful to see you again Vanessa. I understand all the changes, divorce is like a bereavement and literally life changing. It pulls the carpet out from underneath and we have to find a way to stand up again, because it can throw you to the floor. It took me some time and self-nurturing to do that.

Art is self expression, so it is natural that how you feel and your view of the world has changed. I used to be a person who wore pink, a pink wearing person is a happy and gentle person I think. But for a long time I was not that person anymore and couldn't wear pink. One day, I started to feel pink again after a very long absence and to feel it belonged to me again. Now sometimes I do wear it and sometimes I don't. I am tougher now, which is no bad thing but sometimes I connect with the old me too.

Your work is very beautiful, I love the foxes and the hares. They have a mystical yearning quality. I am glad you are doing so well professionally. Your new colours are you right now; you are right it is different but it is beautiful. Honest art reflects ourselves, and nature in all it's colours, wild and bright or muted and tranquil are all worthy of posterity.

I was sad for a long time during the end of my marriage, we were friends yes, but sometimes I did want to hit him! When that urge stopped, I knew I was healed. It's hard but you have a right to find happiness and peace. I wish you both these things :)

For myself I am just delighted to see you here again. I have really really missed your presence in blogging. (I don't have a reader, but regularly check for posts, so am late to read this one.) What a happy surprise for me. I will look forward to seeing you again soon.


Welcome back Vanessa. I so missed your blog and am very sorry to hear your news, but glad you've been able to stay friends. I hope you'll be able to share more of your creativeness soon. xx Debbie


Dear Vanessa - welcome back I have really missed your lovely blog and I have checked regularly just in case you returned! I am really sorry that it has been such a tough year and wish you loads of luck that things will improve from now on.



So lovely to see you back again. I've been checking regularly to no avail, and so had (almost) stopped but something told me to look today. So sorry to hear about you and Hugo, here's to better times (and more blogging). Take care,


I wonder what made me look today? It matters not - all that matters is that you are ok. Sad as it is, these things happen, so take it easy and know how pleased we are to see you again.

Susanne from Canada

I love your work, you are so talented!! Reading your news and how positively you have chosen to communicate this news to your readers, makes me admire you. I think that you being able to put things in perspective in relation to your health (physical and spiritual) family and talents shows you have done the work to heal and move forward.Sending warm wishes and greetings across the pond from Canada,

Annie @ knitsofacto

You're back! And it's taken me nearly a week to notice!!

I'm so pleased to see you in your space again :) Of course I knew why you weren't visiting virtually with us, but it didn't mean I missed you any less. I'm just so sorry you've had such a tough time

Love the new work Vanessa!!


So sorry to read your news Vanessa. It sounds like you are finding lots of positives in amongst the sadness and I hope that there are lots more positives for you in the year ahead. Wishing you all the best x


Oh my goodness!, I'm so excited that you are back! I've missed your art and your blog so much. I've been sending you positive thoughts and hoping that you would come back some day. Love the new direction your art is taking and I look forward to seeing more.
Best wishes,

Janet Brown

Oh wow - it is so good to see you back on your blog!! I have looked on your blog every week since last May in the hope the daisy chain photo would have changed. I really did miss you and feared what had happened to you - hoping it wasnt a health issue. I am sorry to hear about your marriage but glad you two are still friends - you have such a huge number of followers and we are all so thrilled to hear from you and see that your talents are still being displayed in your wonderful work. Big hugs xx

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