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It is good to have you back Vanessa, I have missed your posts. I am sorry that you have been through a sad time and here is to happier times. x

Cherry Cabban

Wow beloved daughter.

So glad that you have the energy to blog again.

All our love

Mummy & Daddy


I'm glad you are okay.

I hope to see your new knitting with natural shades!

Clare Cryer

So glad you are back. Divorce is painful (been there done that), but it does bring you some wonderful opportunities..... when you are ready.

I can't get to see your hares, and shipping them to where I live is impractical, do you think you could sell some photo's of the hares for those of us too far away to visit them. They are truly beautiful.


I am so sorry to read about your divorce but it is good you have remained friends. I have often popped by over the past year but had decided that you had gone for good. Then tonight I thought .......I wonder ..... and there you are!
So happy to see your post and look forward to seeing your latest creations.
Carol xx

Julia Davies

Welcome back Vanessa -
It has probably taken a bit of courage to post again.
I too have checked the daisy chain photo quite often.
So sorry to hear about your marriage - it's just painful. Hopefully time and good friends will do their thing.....
I love the new work - especially the rabbits and in particular their shadows which really seem to add another dimension.


Nice to see you back blogging, but am sorry to hear about your news. Your blog has been one of my favourites and I like following what you're knitting. Your positivity and your work will help you get through the cloudy, rainy days.


Glad to see you are back and getting on with your life!



Welcome back! I kept checking your blog and was very happy when I found a new entry in your online creative diary. I'm sure it's been hard for you, but as one door closes another one opens! I think your artwork proves it - it has evolved into something completely different, I'd say it has matured a bit, almost like good wine. Well, keep your chin up and don't stop creating, after all you're our source for inspiration (there are hundreds of "us"!) xxx

Donna Flower

Wow Vanessa! Huge changes. You have been part of my blogging life for so long and I wondered how you were when you went away. Glad that while your marriage has come to an end that you remain friends and that you are looking forward. Take care sweet lady xx


Sad news Vanessa. Wishing you the very best and hoping that things all work out for the best in the long run. They often do, in my experience, even when they hurt at the time. But I don't mean to be trite about a very painful thing... xx


Oh, Vanessa. I'm so sad that you're so sad. The bunnies are cool, and I'd sure love to see your more-neutral colored knitting (though I always loved the brights!), but I mostly just wanted to send some big hugs your way from Florida in the US. Much love xoxo


I check in regularly, so am pleased to see you back. I cant wait to see more of your work.

Sorry to hear you have had a rough year.



Just wanted to say sorry about your news but it is so good to see you back - I have missed your blogging


Am so glad that you are ok despite the sad news, my first husband and I are still good friends despite divorcing 19 years ago, so much healthier to not harbour bitterness. I wish you all the happiness that your new life will bring.
xx Sandi

Liz in Missouri, USA

I've looked in on your blog many times over this past year - wondering and hoping that you were alright. It seems funny how out here in the hinterlands we can read a beloved Blog and somehow feel close to the writer - come to care about their general welfare and state of being. The friends that we make that we never meet. Like many who have commented above, I heave a sigh of relief that you have not been ill, but at the same time want to offer my sympathy and sadness for you and Hugo. And also much applause and happiness that you remain friends and can share your time and your space.
Life changes and we all grow and evolve. Being able to hang onto the good and still move forward is a blessing and a gift.
I'm happy to see you here again - and Lucy sends a fond "arf, arf" to Douglas and Ellie.


Welcome back, Vanessa! You have been missed. You have been in my thoughts, and I am so sorry to hear about your marriage ending. I pray you can stay strong through it all and God is good to have gifted you with family, friends and your creativity to give you some joy. I look forward to your future endeavors. Blessings to you!


Dear Vanessa, love and strength to you and Hugo. I separated from my husband of 23years in January and after some harsh words and anger we are finding a friendship beneath it all. I moved out of the family home and am learning to live alone. My craft and garden is my comfort. I love your new subdued colours as mine has changed too, must reflect the journey perhaps. Your sculptures are gorgeous. love Leigh

Mia Gutierrez

I am so very sorry to hear that things have gone unhappily for you in your private life. These times are very painful and can take a long time to recover from; but on a purely selfish note, I am very glad to see your return to the blogosphere as I have missed your wonderful creativity (and the dogs) - long may it continue.


Hi Vanessa and welcome back. we have all missed you and have been checking regularly to see if you were back. Pleased you and Hugo can remain good friends - so much less stressful in that situation.
Keep well and cheery.
love H x


Vanessa .Welcome back.I check in every now and then to see if you are Ok but no news for a year.I was really worried you were poorly.It is so good to hear from you again.By the number of comments loads of people have missed you.that must give you a nice warm glow.


Vanessa, so glad you are ok, have missed your blogs and have been popping by to see if you were back. also that you are both remaining friends.


I am so glad you're back to your blog! I'm sorry about you and your husband, but you sound like you have taken positive actions to remain in a kind and courteous relationship with each other, and that is good. Looking forward to reading and seeing more of your work. Blessings to you as you move forward in life!


Hello dear Vanessa! Gosh it has been such a long time, I have thought of e-amiling you, but know that when I want to take a break from blogging I prefer people to leave me alone and I didn't want to intrude.
I am not suprised to hear your news, but very sad for you, well done to you and Hugo for managing to keep things amicable, it shows the true strength of your relationship.
Much love to you XXX
p.s our dear Raymond passed away while you were gone


Dearest Vanessa - how wonderful to see you back! but I'm so sorry to hear your news. I do hope you and Hugo will remain friends.
You can see how much we all missed you and wondered how you were, I'm so glad you feel able to resume blogging!
Take care xx


Sorry to hear your difficult, sad news... but very glad you're blogging again! Jo x


Hi Vanessa
So lovely to see you and your fabulous new work. Sorry to hear your news, hope things become easier for you.
Cheers, Trudy x


wow, so lovely to see you back blogging, but so sorry to hear about you and H. I can't imagine how difficult things must have been and am sending lots of love and positive vibes.

New directions in your work are fascinating and looking forward to hearing more about the new knitting and crocheting too. Lovely to have you back in this space and all the best for the future. x x


How lovely to see you back in blog land. I'm so sorry that you have been through such a tough time. Marriage breakdown is hard and so painful! ! I hope you are feeling the love. Take care Vanessa. Love Sarah xx

Alice Randall

So pleased to see you're back showing such strength x


Happy Spring to you, dear Vanessa!

What a lovely surprise to discover this post and to see the beautiful new creations and to learn that you've got lots of positive developments in your life.

I know you'd hinted that your work was heading in a new direction. I really like the sculpture and am looking forward to seeing more and more. It's grand (but not a surprise) to see how well your exhibited work was received.)


Sarah Hine

Vanessa Like so many others I regularly checked in to see if you were back whilst harbouring worries about what had happened to you. I am so so sorry for your troubles having had my own share of marital problems several years ago. My friends were my support and I hope that as well as your 'on hand' friends you will take some solace from the love of your friends who read your blog and love what you do. Your new work looks wonderful and I am glad that you are able to use your creativity as an outlet during these trying times. Soooo pleased to have you back. Sarah

Kathy Bernett, Michigan USA

So glad to hear from you on the blog again, but so sorry that this past year has been so difficult. How dramatic your sculptures are now,but beautiful with that. Good luck.


Great to see (and read) your blog again, Vanessa, I love your new work and am glad you're back! x


So sorry about your marriage, but so glad it wasn't a serious health issue that was keeping you from blogging...Glad you are back as this blog was always one of my favourites..x

Deborah W

Popped by on the off-chance, and there you were! So sorry that things have not been going well for you, I do hope you are ok. Welcome back. X


Yes! Like all the others I am so happy to see you have returned and to have heard from you. I am also very sorry to hear what happened to your marriage. I have gone through the same situation and therefore know that with time the pieces of your life will rearrange themselves and find a new route. I wish you strength and lots of success with your new plans! Sending you my love from Germany

Gris fleur

So happy to see you're back despite your family issues. I miss your creativity and your colourful blog while I was also in a healing process after a terrible car crash last April. A year is gone ! Happy new year , happy new life !

nathalie abi aad

Hi Vanessa, I am sorry about your life with Hugo ending, but better a friend than an enemy.
I pass by your blog and watch your beautiful work and learn your crochet patterns.
I am from Lebanon, and it happens that i will be visiting London in july..
I would like to meet you. and learn some of the beauties that you do.
Love your rabbits and specially the mice.
Hope to hear from you soon.
All the best.


So sorry to hear about your unhappy year, wishing you better times ahead. Love your new sculptures, they are full of strength and character.


hi, i'm looking how to make a tunic. i found one tutorial on , but it's a bit complicated for me. could you help me please?!!!!


it is so good to see you back blogging again. I was one of the many who emailed, even wrote to you care of your publishers, as I was concerned about your disappearance.
It is very sad when a relationship comes to an end, but so important, and wonderful too, that you remain friends. You must have been heartbroken and it is completely understandable that blogging and the blog world in general, was the furthest thing from your mind.
Please take care.

Alison Ryan

Hello Vanessa
So glad to see you back, like others I have been checking in on your every so often to see how you are.
Sending you big virtual hugs from blogland and I really do appreciate what you are going through. My marriage ended a few years ago (sadly not amicably) and it is a painful process but I am now very happy, settled in a new house with a new life so I do very much hope that is what the future holds for you.
Your work and your pictures have always been an inspiration to me and I am so glad that you are back.
Take care.
Alison xx


Welcome back Vanessa,
I've checked several times over the last year (ish)
Truly sorry for your sadness and I hope you continue to work with Hugo to stay friends, believe me, I know it's hard.
Your new work is wonderful and I wish you every success with it, you deserve it.
On another note, my granddaughter has been enjoying several of the books you have designed for.
Take care Vanessa
Hope to see more posts on you blog soon


Vanessa, I'm so glad to see you back. You were sorely missed. I am sorry you have had such a rotten time. Hopefully the worst is past and a new beginning is here.


Dearest Venessa,

It was so good to have you back and to hear from you.
I am so sorry for this difficult time. I have been praying for you often in the last year.

Hugs to you


I don't know how I missed this, Vanessa. I've thought about you often over the last year and am so pleased to hear that despite all the sad news, you are ok. I've missed you and your blog but am just glad to hear your work is going so well for you and you and Hugo are friends. You deserve your success. Just yesterday I was looking at the cards of buttons you painted for me, up on my pinboard.
Hen xxx

Sarah Raad

I was checking you for ages & can't believe I have missed this :( so sorry to hear about your marriage. I did wonder & thought about email you many times but just wondered if it would seem intrusive. I love the new work. It would be amazing if you started blogging again, I would love to see the new muted knits too! I hope you will C&M back soon. Take care dear Vanessa x x x

Ps someone STOLE the teacosy from the cottage! Can you believe it?! How rude!


Welcome back, hope to see you around a little more. Big hugs,x


Hello. Very sorry to hear that you are going through some sad times. Your work, however, is beautiful. I've read your blog on and off for years, but I don't think I've commented before. Isn't a blog a strange thing? We, as readers, know a fair bit about the writer, but if readers don't comment you know nothing at all about us. What I'm trying (awkwardly and ineptly) to say is that I really really hope it all works out for you and you end up in a happy place again. I hope you're getting all the support you need from your real life friends and family, but here's a virtual hug from a stranger anyway. Take care x


Such a great blog. Thanks for everything Vanessa. Your blog is inspiring and so thoughtful.


You have played a big part in how my life has become Vanessa. Inspiring me always.......and I thank you sincerely for that.

Much Love

Vanessa x

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